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iPad Repairs

We’ve been repairing iPads since the first model. Not only do we have the experience, but our affordable rates, quick service, and quality parts are unmatchable. All models of iPads and types of repairs are welcome. Feel free to contact us for company bulk repairs. We have signed up many happy company customers as we’re able to bang out many iPad cracked screens quickly with our team of qualified iPad technicians.

Why are we better than your typical iPad repair NYC shop?

Quick turn-around iPad repairs

You need your iPad fixed ASAP. We get that and will start the process right away.

Most affordable pricing in NYC

You won’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

Satisfaction guaranteed

You’ll receive a 60 day warranty to guard against any iPad defect issues. Not happy with our service? Don’t pay a dime.

Best iPhone repair NYC service

Best parts? Yes! Cheapest? Check! Fastest? Yup! Best customer service? No doubt! Need we say more?!

Done right the first time

We’ve repaired iPads that have been fixed before from other iPad repair shops and they had screen gaps and did not pass our quality standards.  We have been repairing iPads since they first came out and will ensure it is done right.

Screen Replacement

Issue: Cracked front glass and / or broken LCD Causes: Drop, fall, impact, defective screen / digitizer Solution: Replace iPad full glass digitizer Parts:

Battery Replacement

Issue: Battery runs out fast or doesn’t work Causes: Constant usage and impact Solution: Replace battery Parts: Only original and brand new Repair time:

Water Spill Repair

Issue: Spilled liquid or dropped into water Causes: No power / no screen picture Solution: Diagnose and replaced affected parts Parts: Only original and

Data Recovery

Issue: Recover files from a non-working iPad Causes: Drop, fall, impact, or usage over time Solution: Recover files to media or another iPad Parts:

Any other issue?