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iPad with more storage – Big storage iPad review – When is new iPad coming – iPad release date

iPad 128gb reviewA new iPad is coming, again!  This time with lots more storage space which is a huge surprise.  The newest iPad will come with 128GB of storage space.  That’s twice the size of the 64GB model and totally goes against the whole cloud IT support culture of the Apple service gurus!

For years, Steve Jobs and his crew were gung ho about using iCloud to store everything Apple.  That’s why the whole Mac Book Pro line is leaning towards faster, smaller solid state drives.  Yes, you can still get a 1TB hard drive for your Mac, but most of the lines also have smaller 128GB flash storage and other options.

Now, I may be out of line for frowning upon the 128GB of storage space on the new iPad.  After all, apps take space.  Why not have extra space for these apps, right?  I agree with that so I wrestle with my bold statement of more space isn’t the Apple way.  But, 128GB is a lot of space, no?!  It is for the $800 price tag you’ll have to pay for it.  Is it really worth it?

Why is Apple going bigger with its iPads?  To compete with the slumping PC laptop lines.  iPads are being set up in business computer networks easily nowadays.  Why not replace laptops with iPads for business users.  My conspiracy theory is that Microsoft has prevented its Office software from being fully useable on iPads for that reason.  The slippery slope theory here is that if users can just use Office on iPads, PCs will be obsolete soon and nobody will care to buy Microsoft Windows operating systems or full-fledged Office software.  That theory may not be far off soon, but just a thought for now.

Back to the big-storage iPad.  This is yet another way for the Apple engineers to stretch the iPad product for a few more dollars.  I guess this is a good way to disrupt talks about when the Apple TV is coming out, or any other new Apple products for that matter.

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