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iPhone 5 pics – iPhone 5 images – iPhone 5 parts – iPhone 5 part pics – iPhone 5 part images – iPhone 5 screens – iPhone 5 displays

iPhone 5 leaked pics by New York Computer Help
White iPhone 5 front and back

What will the iPhone 5 look like?  Our Apple support team has been enjoying the hype like you, but now I’m about to share the actual parts we have just ordered to repair the iPhone 5.  Our Apple iPhone parts factory has already produced these parts and we have the iPhone 5 repair parts.  If you have a broken iPhone 5  screen or another part, we’re ready for you!

Okay, here are the actual photos of the iPhone 5 parts for your eyes only. 

iPhone 5 glass repair / fix
This part is the front glass of the black iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 digitizer / glass repair
Broken iPhone 5 glass? This is the part that will shatter. This is the new iPhone 5 display.


iPhone 5 black back replacement
Here’s the back of the black iPhone 5. Notice the cool two-tone color.


iPhone white back replacement
Here’s the white iPhone 5 back. Very cool two-tone color.


iPhone 5 front camera replacement
Who would think an 8 megapixel camera part would be so long?


iPhone 5 power button replacement
This is the part that controls the power, volume, and mute functions.


iPhone 5 not charging
Yes, the iPhone 5 dock is thinner.


iPhone 5 white frame repair
A thinner frame will allow for more viewing on the iPhone 5 screen.

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