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iPhone 5 top issues – iPhone 5 problems – iPhone 5 defects – Top iPhone 5 issues


%image_alt%The iPhone 5 was released on September 21, 2012.  Definitely a beautiful design, much faster, the Internet is more responsive, but new launches comes with new iPhone issues.

Here is the top list of iPhone 5 issues:%image_alt%

  1. Maps issue – Inaccurate, frustrating, and inconsistent.  Views and maps are fuzzy and just not right.  Roads are missing.  You’ll get really lost if you follow Maps.  Apple support definitely has gotten serious complaints and has informed us they are working to resolve this iPhone issue.
  2. Touch screen problems – Some folks have reported that the touch screen is over sensitive, moving around even when not touching the screen or just by getting close.  Resetting the phone to defaults doesn’t work.  Apple better have a quick update for this before it’s deemed a lemon issue.
  3. Easily scratchable –  The Black & Slate model chips away easily.  Our Apple experts haven’t heard any issues with the White & Silver model yet although they will chip just the same.  It’s just that on white, they won’t be as noticeable.  For the black model, it is aluminum, some parts painted, and razor thin.  This combination will lead to nothing but scratches and dents over time.

Overall, the iPhone is a work of art and is zippy going on the Internet.  It’s worth mustering through these iPhone issues.  The first issue, the Maps issue, is supposed to be cleared up in the next iOS update while the second one should be brought back to Apple support.  The third issue is just one that you’ll have to deal with.

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