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iPhone 5C review – iPhone 5C photos – iPhone 5C release date – iPhone 5

iPhone-5c-reviewThis review is of the iPhone 5C, yes C, not the iPhone 5S.  Why?  The 5S will be the ol’ typical S series, the same as the last base series, but faster and as the Apple experts say, “The best iPhone yet.”  Beyond the fluffy marketing pitches, the iPhone 5C is the break-out star here.

Apple support finally decides to come out with colors for its iPhones.  Red, blue, yellow, and green are the choices.  Black and white are still available.  Red and blue sound nice, but yellow and green?  They could have done a lot better.  The good part is that these colors come as the backs and sides of the iPhone and have enough cushion to brace against drops and falls.  The bad part is that it’s made out of plastic.  This C series, being the cheaper model (more to that in a moment), I guess needs to feel cheaper with its plastic-feel versus the normal aluminum feel.  I feel like it’s just the iPhone 5 with a phone case around it.  It should be called the iPhone 5B for the iPhone 5 Bumper!

The screen will be the same as the iPhone 5, but it will just have a thicker casing around it.  The casing looks like a hybrid between the iPhone 5 and the iTouch.  Now, onto the price.  It will come out to $400-500 which is only about $200 less than a new iPhone.  Definitely not a true price break.  The specs on the 5C will have a 4″ display, lower end processor, camera, memory, and other internals.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until September to buy a whole new iPhone 5C to jump on the color bandwagon.  You can go to New York Computer Help for an iPhone 5 color conversion or change your iPhone 4S color.

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