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New York Computer Help iPhone 5C review

Should I buy the iPhone 5C?  The iPhone 5C may be bought first online via the Apple store on Friday the 13th of all days.  9/13/13 is the day.  Let me stress that if you’re going to buy the iPhone 5C, this is the place to do it, online.  Going to the Apple support store or another store will be a madhouse, resulting in deep frustration, delays, and probably leaving your iPhone-less due to the lack of supply. We need to review the skinny on the iPhone 5C first.  Price?  $99 for the 16GB and $199 for the 32GB one.  Keep in mind that pricing is if you are eligible for the upgrade or are signing up for a new 2-year plan.  If you’re outside that plan, then tack on another $200 to that tab.  I really don’t like that low-ball price making you think it’s cheaper, but hey, that’s Apple marketing for you. As for the specs, the 5C is exactly like the iPhone 5.  Well, that is reassuring that Apple didn’t downgrade.  The only differences is the weight and battery life.  The weight is 70 ounces less and the talk time is 2 hours more.  Oh, the 5C is .05 inches thicker and, of course, there are four new colors:  light blue, green, canary yellow, and pink.  One limitation with the 5C is that it only comes in 16GB and 32GB models, not the 64GB model. So, if you currently have an iPhone 4, 4S or lower, then it’s a good move.  You’ll notice a huge iPhone upgrade difference and the price is right.  If you have an iPhone 5, it really doesn’t make any sense to upgrade unless you’re a die-hard iPhone support enthusiast or your iPhone 5 is not working well.

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