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iPhone Photo Stream issue solved – Photo Stream fix

I have heard of many folks having photo stream issues. This is the cool feature in the iPhone 4S where you can take a picture and it automatically appears on your iPad, computers, and other devices.  If you have an iPhone 4S issue, most likely it is related to the Photo Stream issue.  At first, you were probably able to use Photo Stream for a few days, and then suddenly, it stopped working.

The most typical issue with photo stream is crashing. Right when you open up the camera and photo apps, your iPhone freezes, crashes, or goes back to the home screen.  Further, iTunes may not successfully sync when syncing photos is selected.

Yes, can can restore your iPhone, but you may lose your photos and other files if you didn’t make a successful restore.  Plus, you may wind up with the photo stream issue again very soon.

Our iPhone experts have worked diligently to find the photo stream fix.  Here it is:

  1. If you’re a PC user, download i-FunBox to your iPhone.  Or if you’re a Mac user, download  iExplorer to your Mac.
  2. Install i-FunBox or iExplorer and use it to back up your photos to your computer.
  3. Delete all folders in VAR/DCIM (i.e. .MISC, XXXAPLLE)
  4. Delete all files inside VAR/PhotoData/MISC (i.e. DCIM_APPLE.plist, PreviewWellImage.tiff)
  5. Delete only the Photos.sqlite and PhotosAux.sqlite files in the VAR/PhotoData folder
  6. Delete all contents inside the VAR/PhotoStreamsData folder
  7. Exit the software.
  8. Hold down the power + home button simultaneously (this is called a hard reset) until the screen goes black.

If you are a Windows user and prefer to work on your PC  instead of iPhone for the process, you may also use iExplorer to download on your PC.  i-FunBox requires that you download it on your iPhone.  I recommend i-FunBox for PCs since it has extensive functionality and easy navigation.

This process has resolved the crashing, freezing, and other issues associated with the Photo Stream problem. As a good rule of thumb, you should always create a backup of your iPhone before going ahead with this process.

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