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Which glass breaks more: iPhone screen or Samsung Galaxy screen?

When buying a smartphone, you may not factor in the most important factor: Which phone screen breaks the most?  They are all made of glass.  It doesn’t matter if the glass if made of sapphire crystal display, ion-x glass, or gorilla glass.  It’s all just glass people! Ergo, it will break if not treated nicely.

iphone-6s-vs-galaxy-s7-drop-test-which-breaks-moreYou may be an Android guy or an iPhone gal or maybe in between.  Forget about the apps and the interface.  What about durability?  Surely, you’ll be bringing your phone along for a workout, a drink, or while in need for anger management class.  Whatever the crisis or extreme situation, you’ll need to make sure your phone is safe.

So, should you go with the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy when looking at which glass has the least probability to break first?  Let’s go to the breakability factors here.  Check out the below chart to review the notable ways your phone can break.iphone-vs-samsung-galaxy-which-screen-breaks-more

When checking out numbers, the totals are pretty much a dead lock.  What strikes me as a serious flaw is the 10 given to a Samsung Galaxy s7 for a face-down drop.  That leaves no room for error and definitely easy to be on the crying end of this.  As for the water test, the Samsung is the clear winner, even touting a 30-minute under-water ability for the s7 and s7 edge phones.  Note that the sound has been known to be muffled after such a water party.

As for dropping your phone on the corner, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have shown to be pretty resilient with its strong aluminum bodies.  Think of a sports car.  When it takes an impact, its allows the aluminum frame to shrivel up to protect what’s most important, the people inside.  The same happens with iPhones, the frame may get warped and dented in and the screen will shape around it.  In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy metal frame is thinner and does not absorb shocks and impact as well, leaving the screen to be vulnerable.

In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy screens break more than iPhones due to having a thinner metal frame as well as having less of an edge around the screens like the iPhones.

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