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iRobot Braava review – Move over Roomba

iRobot Braava reviewThe iRobot Braava is a Roomba and Swifter combined on steroids.  This cute, small little robot actually sprays water and cleans dirty areas with its detergent-laced cleaning pads.  The Roomba vacuums, but this iRobot actually cleans spills, grimes, and all the nastyness that may be on your floors.

Here’s the cool factor.  The Roomba has suction to clean.  The Braava uses three different types of cleaning pads to mop stone, hardwood floors, and tile.  Now, that’s cool.  In the past, the Roomba or even a regular swifter or vaccum would not be able to get all surfaces clean due to the nooks and crannies.  This has no problem doing it.

The robot is able to clean up to 200 square feet in dry and damp modes, and up to 150-square feet in wet mode.  That’s normal as you go room by room for this kind of robot cleaning.

Now, to the cost.  It is $199 and the cleaning pad costs $8 for a box of 10.

As per tech support, it’s minimal.  Just fill it up with water, charge it to power, and hit a no-mess eject button to remove the dirty cleaning pad.

It’s worth purchasing if you don’t like to clean your floors; don’t have a cleaning lady or man; and are not a fan of cleaning spills.

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