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Is an iPad a good MacBook replacement? – Should I buy iPad to replace MacBook? – iPad vs. MacBook

The iPad is taking over the world?  But, can it take over your world?  Will it justify replacing your MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Graphically, it is better than most laptops with its beautiful retina display.  So, the display is a no-brainer.  In regard to functionality, the touch screen is either perfect for its intended use, or not good at all.  Specifically, if it’s for your child, it’s phenomenal since educational games can be quickly launched via apps and played.  On a laptop, you have to master the touch pad first, open the program, hope that an ad doesn’t steer you in the wrong direction, and then mouse over to where to play.

But, let’s focus on adults in regard to getting work done on an iPad.  Is it able to keep up with your MacBook?  If you’re a DJ, it’s great.  It can compose and record songs.  You can connect a keyboard via MIDI and set up a sampler and synthesizer.  For those who need to write documents, you can do that in Pages and make Keynote presentations.

So, functionality, the iPad is a good move to make the switch to.  I’d recommend connecting a keyboard to it if you draft a lot of docs, emails, or type a lot.  Yes, there’s a learning curve that comes along with it.  But, once you master the iPad, it will feel like a cleansing experience, getting rid of your extra weight of a MacBook and just pulling out your light iPad for your main computer support.

On the flip side, if you’re an old dog who doesn’t want to learn new tricks, don’t do it!  There is not Microsoft Office or apps that do the same thing as your MacBook.  They will perform similarly, but not what you’re used to.  You can still print, but there’s no DVD drive if that’s a necessary requirement for you.  You’ll have to get used to storing stuff on the cloud if you have an external hard drive back-up.

In sum, the iPad is great if you’re all about just emailing, browsing the Internet, or toying around on apps.  If you need to work with proprietary-company or other unorthodox software, you’ll still need to keep a MacBook around to run those applications.

If you’re ready to make the MacBook to iPad switch, you can contact our iPad expert team at New York Computer Help to help you set it up.

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