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Is it time to ditch Microsoft office for online apps?

Microsoft Office has been and is very popular for office, home office, and residential users.  You may use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access.  However, what if you have more than one computer that you want to access your files.  Or you’d like to share your documents with other people.  If you don’t use some VPN or remote software, you might want to consider using online office applications.

Google docs is probably the most well-known sharing online application.  You can go to your Google account, create a word or excel file and share it with another Google user of of your choice.  Then, you can collaborate seamlessly no matter which computer you are using.  However, there is a limitation of rows for spreadsheets and presentation slides.

Thinkfree Online is one of the most respected online programs.  You can use word and excel on your own computer.  The program will save, for free, up to 1GB of storage.  It will automatically sync your files to the site and even allows you to share the files with others.  Further, the files are easily saveable in .doc, .docx, or .xls formats for Office users.

Zoho offers a multitude of online apps, including: word, excel, notebook, wikis, crm, projects, planner, chat, and more.  It’s worth checking out to see if you can add one of its programs to your repetoire.

All of these programs are free software and relatively tech-friendly.  It is worth checking out to see if these programs can be used for your everyday computing.  A big plus is you don’t have to worry about purchasing Microsoft Office for Windows, Mac, or both.  These online programs are compatible for both Windows and Mac.  If you don’t have a daily network that supports your files, this may be a good no-cost solution for you.

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