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Is my iPhone or iPad better for everyday use? – iPhone vs. iPad everyday use – iPhone iPad Which to use

%image_alt%This is a question you may not have thought of, but we still get asked a lot.  “I have an iPhone and an iPad.  I’d like to use one or the other for everyday use and possibly use as my go-to-computer also.” 

This is a very good question and something our technology support world is moving to.  Of course, the Apple service folks are there for the ride and welcome such shifts towards portability, i.e. iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and all iDevices.  We once used desktops as our main PCs and then shifted to the laptop.  The laptop was at first a computer to be used for employees who traveled a lot or needed to bring the computer back and forth from home.  Then, we got acclimated to notebooks and ultrabooks for home IT support use.  Finally, we have gotten to tablets and smartphones.

It is only normal to ask this question, iPad or iPhone, for all-around usage.  I was actually wondering how long it would take.  Here’s my main thought on this one.  The iPad, by its larger screen, is easier on the eyes for everyday use.  The big downfall is the size.  If you’re a typical jobber, who goes to work and home after, the iPad may not be as portable as you’d like.

That being said, the iPad mini might suit you more for this.  It really depends.  If you typically carry around a bag with you, carrying around an iPad might not be a big deal.  But, if you don’t, it won’t be so convenient to carry around the iPad.  Now, another option is have an iPad at home and at work, share files in the cloud and have the same apps via the same Apple ID.  Then, you can use your iPad at both places and carry around your home iPad when going on vacation or trips.  You can add a bluetooth Apple keyboard and mouse and you’re good to go.

However, when all is said and done, the iPhone is still the easiest to carry around.  Just shove it in your pocket and it’s with you always.  The drawback is the screen size.  You may not be comfortable living your life from your iPhone and that’s a decision you’ll have to make.  For me, the iPhone seems to be the one that is replacing my total tech support universe.  I like knowing my IT service world is only a pocket away.

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