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Is technology not equipped for its own pace?

Technology is becoming screaming fast in terms of new products and software.  Apple has put out Mac Air, Windows has released VistaLaptop hard drives may be purchased at 250GB and external hard drives may be bought up to 4-drives and up to 2TB (that’s 4 x 500GB).  It’s great that new products are being offered to consumers and at alarming productive rates.  This shows that technology is accomodating consumers’ needs.  For instance, larger hard drives are able to store users’ larger iTunes and picture collections.

But, are the new technologies stable?  Are these hard drives as stable as their predecessors (i.e. 40GB, 80gB, and 120gb hard drives)?  I’m sure you’ve had or heard of an older computer from the 90’s lasting for about 10 years time, and that was pretty normal.  Now, laptops are lasting 2-3 years before a part, most likely the hard drive, breaks down.  We believe that the technology is going at a rapid pace and, whether to fast or not, we’ve seen new computers and operating systems fail faster than a decade’s past.  We believe that more computers and hard drives have been produced to meet the higher demand of more computer users.  So, we feel it’s more of a numbers game in the end.  Hopefully, you will not be one of the unlucky few.  But, if your computer decides to crash, your friendly NYC computer support team is ready to get you back on track.

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