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Is there a good reason to go for Windows 8? – Windows 8 benefits – Why buy Windows 8?

If you’ve read my blogs lately, you’ll see that I’m not really a supporter of Windows 8.  But, if I can squeak out a decent benefit or why you should consider going with Windows 8, it is because of its SkyDrive online computer service.

Taking a page from the Apple support blueprint, SkyDrive is similar to iCloud, but touts to be better.  How does it work?  Your Windows 8 computer, Microsoft Office, and Windows Phone 8 will automatically sync files to SkyDrive.  That is it in its essence.  Who will benefit?  Business computer networks and road warriors.

What’s different about SkyDrive from Apple’s iCloud?  You can start a word document on your office computer, leave the office in mid-sentence, and finish the doc on your phone while en route to a meeting.  The special part about SkyDrive is it easily integrates Microsoft Office with 7GB of free storage.  A big plus is that files are stored online versus synced as per iCloud’s Apple service.  iCloud has been known to have issues when deleting pics on an iPhone which could delete the pic online too.  SkyDrive doesn’t take any storage space from devices as iCloud does which is a huge benefit.

SkyDrive alone is a good reason to try Windows 8.

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