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Is Tim Cook good for Apple? – What has Tim Cook done lately? – Is Tim Cook a good successor to Steve Jobs?

I’ve always been a naysayer to Tim Cook as a successor to the great Steve Jobs.  How can anyone follow Jobs anyway?  After all, he is the creative genius behind the Apple supportHow is Tim Cook doing? behemoth. 

There were many questions when Cook took over.  When will the real Apple TV come out?  Will there be a mini iPad?  Will he come up with anything on his own?  Well, the mini iPad has come out.  Jobs was always against this, putting it in direct competition with the cheaper tablets.  This was a good move for Cook.  Apple TV and products on his own, well that’s really not his thing.  Let’s get this straight, Tim Cook is a business man, not a product guy.  Also, in my mind, the Apple position is the job that Cook must try hard not to screw up.  It’s a job to not fail and he’ll do a good job.

The first debacle was Apple Maps.  Unlike Jobs, Cook apologized.  Very endearing and personal.  I liked that.  Cook also matched charitable donations from employees.  Jobs?  One big reason to hate him was he didn’t do charity.  iPhone 5?  Hey, that’s a new product, right?  Certainly!  Yes, it’s a great product and Jobs was in on the inception of it, but Cook had to see it through with the iPhone product support and development stages.  He is also looking to separate himself from Google and YouTube by removing them from the Apple iOS support devices.  This allows more of privacy and less competition via advertising and such.  Good move.

The biggest pat on the back for Cook is to be conservative.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Their tech support business is popular due to its products.  He realizes that and is not going to implement anything radical to ruin that.  Tim Cook has thus far been good for Apple.

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