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iWatch review – Apple’s new watch review – Apple support NYC

Setup iwatch nycThere have been rumors of the Apple flat screen TV and now the iWatch.  That’s right, Apple is coming out with a watch.  It’s not the first time that these rumors have circulated.  Now, the rumors are back ever since Apple partnered with Intel to create the iOS wristwatch.

What’s so good about the iWatch?  It will have the clearest glass screen among the smart watches.  Specifically, the glass will be curved to show the best resolution possible.  The glass would be a 1.5-inch OLED screen.  OLED stands for organic emitting diode, or plainly that it is thinner, lighter, less breakable, and has crisper viewing.  The iOS would be run on it like you’d see on your iPhone.

Doesn’t that compete with the wrist-wearing Nano?  The old one of 2011 did, but the new bigger ones are too bulky to be wearable.  A fine little product move the Apple service engineers came up with to pave the way for the iWatch.

The wearable iWatch will no doubt attract the Apple support fans, but my concern is will it be too much Apple tech?  You probably already have the iPhone and use it for the time.  Do you need a whole set up apps and utilities on your wrist if you already have it on your phone?  How Apple meshes the two instead of duplicating content will determine the iWatch’s success.

Yes, in the winter or during exercise, it comes in handy.  No need to dig in your pocket.  But, can you connect headphones to it?  Yes, it’s bluetooth, but not all bluetooth headphones are as comfortable as regular ones.  I will of course be happy to trial it from Apple once it becomes available for me, and will provide more info at that time.

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