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Know when your computer is down – Get texted / emailed when your computer crashes

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Your computer is your livelihood.  If it goes down, so does your business operations.  Although it is never a fun time when your computer crashes, it is better to know about it right away so you can prepare to fix your computer right away.

Pager Duty is a new IT service that will alert you when a computer goes down.  You can receive a text, email, phone call, or iOS push, your choice.  For $18/month per user, this may be set up.  Yes, it’s a little pricey, but keep in mind although many IT support programs advertise that they do the same thing, they don’t.  Most alert programs will tell you if there’s imminent failure, such as a hard drive failing or the Exchange email service not sending out email.  But, these services come up short when there’s an actual failure.

Pager Duty goes a step above to let you know when all systems are red.  If a laptop or desktop has completely failed, you’ll be alerted.  You can also program it to alert specific people depending upon the severity of computer issues.  An email issue may be send to the desktop support team who handles this level of support.  Server hard drive failures will go to, that’s right, the server team.  This type of help cuts out the middle-man who generally distributes these calls and requests.

If your supported computer network needs to be up and running with minimal downtime, Pager Duty fits the bill here.  It is very proactive and will help your office minimize downtime if and when disaster strikes.

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