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Laptop screen issue – is your screen bad or is it something else?

A bad laptop screen is a common issue.  However, lots of times the screen is not the culprit.  Yes, an LCD screen replacement could%image_alt% be expensive, but there could be a cheaper option.

First of all, determine that your LCD screen is, in fact bad.  You can do this by using an external desktop monitor to test.  Such a test will allow you to determine if your issue lies with the LCD or the video / motherboard of the laptop.  At least, if you the LCD screen is too expensive, you can still use an external monitor to access your files.  If your video or motherboard is bad, you can kiss your laptop good-bye for the most part since buying a new laptop is typically the cheaper route here.  You can follow step-by-step instructions by following the Laptop LCD Test.

%image_alt%If your LCD screen is very dim, but you can still see the screen just barely, you might have an inverter issue.  This is the best part you’d like to fail since it’s the cheapest.  The inverter board usually ranges from $30 – $50.  This part is the intermediary between your motherboard and screen, and dictates the brightness of colors. 

You may contact a laptop repair specialist if you need further tech support in this matter.

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