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Leaked iPhone 5S pictures – What will the iPhone 5S look like – iPhone 5S specs – Should I buy the iPhone 5S

NYC iPhone repairs - newyorkcomputerhelp.comiPhone 5 - 5S battery replacement - newyorkcomputerhelp.comAs is typical with the Apple service folks, the S series of the iPhone is due out in the end of the summer to late fall.  As it also true to form, for Apple support, the iPhone 5S will not change in the way of the design of the iPhone 5 phone. 

Let’s get right to it.  What’s different with the iPhone 5S:

  • Larger battery – This means you finally don’t have to charge your iPhone multiple times in the day.  This alone is a reason to upgrade to the iPhone 5S.  The 5S has 5.92 watts of battery juice compared to the 5’s 5.45 watts.  How much more battery life you’ll get is yet to be determined since that will also rely on how much more processing power will possibly suck the improved battery life out.
  • Bigger LED flash – You’ll be able to take more at-night pictures.
  • Higher resolution camera & improved light modes – Take more professional-looking photos.

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