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Local area connection unplugged – an nyc laptop repair tip

A common computer issue we’ve seen lately is an alert popping up from the bottom-right part of the screen that says “Local area connection unplugged.”  This will come up periodically.  You might still have Internet access or intermittent online access.

This “local area connection unplugged” error usually lies in the one of three causes:

  1. Network cable is faulty between your computer and the port, router, or modem
  2. Network interface card (NIC), or network jack, that the network cable connects to is failing; or
  3. The router or modem port that the network cable is connected to is failing.

The first thing to do is call up your Internet Service Provider, such as Verizon or TimeWarner.  They’ll send a signal from their central office to your modem to make sure everything is okay from their end.  Once that checks out, replace your network cable to see if that fixes it.  If not, a quick work-around fix is to make your computer wireless by installing a wireless card and then you won’t have to worry about local area connection issues.  Otherwise, you can replace your network interface card by installing a network adapter. 

Then, you can run the network cable from that adapter to your modem or router.  Finally, if that doesn’t work, or if you’re just too lazy to try those steps,have your Internet Service Provider replace your modem, claiming that the network port from the modem is faulty which lately has been the case.

It is good judgement to replace your modem every once in a while anyway since its speed, like routers, degrade over time.  The one thing that your Internet Service Provider cannot test is the port on the modem that connects to your local network.  So, when all else fails, you should persuade them that is the problem.  They might need you to test it out with another computer or just take your word for it.

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