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Looking for an NYC IT Technician? – Here are 3 factors to look for in selecting a reliable tech for your office or business.

Touching equipment in computer network officeChoosing an NYC IT technician is not an easy task.  For starters, there are a zillion and one 1-man shows out there who are fly-by-night techs.  Then, you have the hack-a-tech who bumps his way through, charging an arm and a leg for every little computer repair issue.  Or you may get wet-behind-the-ears inexperienced tech who has to research every little computer problem which is on your dime.

So, what should you really be looking for in an NYC IT technician?

Here are 3 factors to look for in selecting a reliable tech for your office or business:

Look for a company, not a person.

Yes, you will get individualized attention from a one-tech service, but what if he or she is sick or just decides to stop being a tech consultant. Then, you’re out of luck.  Instead, a company typically has a number of IT support technicians who can help.  So, if your main tech is unavailable, others will be able to further support you.  Back up is good!

Check out reviews.

Yes, not every review is objective, but if you have a company that has all 1-star and 2-star reviews, there’s certainly a problem.  So, gather reviews and possible references if you’re seriously doing your due diligence with your company IT support technicians.

Do a trial run.

You don’t have to get into a long-term IT support agreement just yet.  Test out the prospective IT support company in NYC by calling them up for an initial IT tech issue service.  See what their response time is and the actual results.  Are they worthy to represent your company?

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