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Mac is slow – Top 5 ways to speed up your Mac

Your sacred Mac can run slower and slower while using it.  There are several ways you can speed it up to give it the burst of speed you’re looking for.

Here are the top 5 ways to speed up your slow Mac:

  1. Unclutter your desktop – Having tons of files and folders on your desktop can slow down your startup.  You should, instead, put these files in to folders in your home directory and create desktop aliases to them.  This will allow your computer to start without having to load these files in memory every time.
  2. Clear out the temp items – As with a PC, it is very helpful to remove the files in the Caches, Log files and Temporary Items.  These temp items sometimes hold corrupted files or misdirected links.  By removing them, you refresh your computer’s cache or temporary storage.  You can accomplish this removal task by going to Home/Library/Cache. 
  3. Upgrade the RAM – Over the years,  you have surely increased your applications and iTunes Library among other process-hungry items.  An easy, way to ensure your speed is increased is to install more RAM in your Mac.  You can ask a Mac hardware technician if your Mac can be upgraded and what the cost is.
  4. Get rid of Login Items – If you’re not using any of your Login Items, get rid of them.  That way, your Mac won’t have to load them every time.  You can still access them later, but they just won’t be in the background taking up memory.  You can remove them by going to System Preferences->Accounts->Login Items.
  5. Remove Firefox Extensions – Firefox gets a bit overcrazed with its tons of extensions.  Every time you have an extension loaded in Firefox, that makes your Internet browsing a tad slower.  Get rid of the unnecessary ones by launching Firefox->Tools->Add-ons.

These 5 tips should help speed up your Mac.  If you still need Mac support afterwards, you should bring your computer to a mac specialist to diagnose possible hardware issues as well as a full system check.

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