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Mac Pro review – Mac Pro specs – Mac Pro – Should I buy a Mac Pro – Mac Pro or iMac – Mac Pro NYC repair / service

Mac pro nyc service / repairThe new Mac Pro is definitely a big change than its predecessor.  For one thing, it doesn’t even look like a computer.  It resembles more of a box-like surge protector at 1/8th of the size of the previous Mac Pro.

What’s the reason for its radical design?  The box-like structure allows the architecture to have one unified thermal core, allowing the desktop to load balance all its thermal capacity across all processors.  In short, it’s freakin’ fast!

The processor is a Xeon E5 processor with up to 12 cores making it 2.5 times faster than the current Mac Pro.  Another new feature includes the PCIe flash storage.  There are 6 Thunderbolt ports and up to 4 displays may be supported.

As per the Mac Pro support, it is much easier to take it apart if there are any Mac issues The old one required someone capable of handling 30-40 lbs whereas this one is much lighter and easier to work with.

The Mac Pro is due to arrive later in 2013.  Should you buy it?  If you need your Mac Pro for heavy-duty processing or just want a kick-ass fast Mac, this one’s for you.  Otherwise, you’ll save a few bucks by buying an iMac.

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