Get a mac hard drive replacement, clone, or more space in NYC

Hard drive replacement / upgrade / clone

Got a failing hard drive? Or just want more space? Either way, our Mac hard drive install specialists will customize the optimal solution for you. We are able to recover files, increase storage space, upgrade to solid state drives (SSD’s) and back up important files.

Common Mac hard drive requests we take care of at our NYC Mac repair center:

  • Failing Mac hard drive
  • Need more hard drive space
  • Clone / back up of files
  • Install new hard drive
  • Install new operating system
  • Restore Mac to factory settings

Mac models supported: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini

SATA Hard Drive Options:

500GB SATA Hard Drive + Operating System $210
750GB SATA Hard Drive + Operating System $225
1TB SATA Hard Drive + Operating System $275
2TB SATA Hard Drive + Operating System $350

Solid State Drive (SSD) Options:

250GB SSD + Operating System $225
500GB SSD + Operating System $275 – $345
750GB SSD + Operating System $325 – $375
1TB SSD + Operating System $475

Have your own hard drive? Just need to install the operating system or clone it?

Operating System Install / Clone Only (No hard drive) $125

Please note: Apple proprietary solid state hard drives cost additional. Some newer iMacs may cost more as well.  Such costs will be provided in the free estimate first for your approval.

Walk-in Service

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