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MacBook Spill Repairs

For some reason, Macs love liquids.  It’s the truth!  We get tons of MacBooks in every day at our Mac repair NYC shop with a serious drinking problem.  That’s okay though.  We have a revolutionary way to repair Mac spills.  It costs a fraction of what Apple charges and it works.

Why should you use New York Computer Help’s Mac spill repair service?

  • We directly repair your affected parts.
  • We will repair your damaged logic board.
  • We only charge you if your Mac is fixed.
  • You will receive an affordable solution.

Mac models supported: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

MacBook Spill Damage Repair Costs:

Spill Damage Direct Repair $125 – $400
Keyboard Replacement $125 – $350
Trackpad / Touchpad Repair $125 – $250
Logic Board Repair $250 – $450

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