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Mac to PC switch / setup – Why go from Mac to PC? – NYC new PC setup – Reasons to switch from a Mac to a PC

Set up PC NYC - Mac to PC setup nycThere are 101 arguments why to go from a PC to a Mac.  But, what about the other way around?  Should you make the other switch, from Mac to PC setup?  From Cupertino to Redmond.  From Apple support to Windows help?

Here are a few reasons why to make the switch back:

  • iOS nuts! – If you’re sick of the integration of iOS mobile apps on your MacBook, then you’re not alone.  Customers have complained that the MacBook and iMac and going in the direction of being mobile-friendly.  That means not having a full-bred desktop or regular computer, but instead of a hybrid device.  If you just want a regular computer, make the switch to PC.
  • Upgrade? – If you want to upgrade components to a faster processor and parts, you won’t be able to with the Retina MacBook Pro.  You get what you get and you don’t get upset is the Apple motto here.  Except for RAM and a hard drive, there’s not too much you can scale up like with PC’s.
  • It’s an Apple world – When you get a Mac, you’re living the Apple world, Mail, Safari, and the App store are your defaults for programs.  Microsoft has been told not to have a proprietary advantage in forcing users to use only one app for functions, but Apple seems to have found a way around this.  Not feeling the Apple love?  Then, ditch them!
  • Software choices – There is more a of a choice of software options on a PC.  Coding and databases usually are geared towards the Windows environments.  Stop looking for a pseudo-Apple software and just make the switch to a PC.

Naysayers will say Macs don’t get viruses and that’s good enough reason from them.  I understand the PC computer virus struggles, but keep in mind that it’s only a matter of time until virus creators start producing more infections for Macs and iPads.  They want to get the most bang for their bucks and will target more Macs due to seeing the increase of users on the Apple side.

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