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Mac trojan – Beware of this Chinese pdf – Mac trojan removal instructions

%image_alt%Macs don’t get many viruses, and not nearly as many as PCs.  But, from time to time, there are the odd Mac malware you’ll need to watch out for.  The latest is the Trojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.A which showcases a Chinese PDF with extreme political opinions.  The PDF is created on your screen.  If you open it up, that’s where the big fun ensues, launching another Trojan, Backdoor.OSX/Imuler.A. 

What kind of damage does the trojan cause?  Not too much, A backdoor connection is created to a remote server.  So, that leaves your Mac vulnerable.  But, rather than take advantage%image_alt% of this open port, no computer spyware, pop-ups, or other activity is done.  Once the backdoor connection is opened, that is essentially the end of it.  As non-eventful as this sounds, the real panic is that Mac trojans are apparent and able to wreak damage if taken further malicious steps. 

How do you remove this Mac virus?  Follow these Backdoor:OSX/Imuler.A trojan removal steps to get rid of this virus.

If you haven’t installed Mac antivirus software yet, now is probably a good time since it’s only a matter of time before other Apple viruses come into play as well.

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