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Mac virus: Is it possible? – mac virus removal

%image_alt%Macs don’t get viruses, right?  Well, technically, that’s not true.  But, it’s a rarity.  Why?  How come PCs are widely known for getting infected with viruses.  When you say you have a computer virus, it is already assumed it is from a Windows computer.

%image_alt%Our computer virus specialists have removed infections from Macs.  Yes, it’s been few and far in between, but it has occured.  Many of the viruses have been more application specific towards a Word document, but more lately have acted like a Windows virus, i.e. Internet home page redirecting; no Internet connection; and slow boot up. 

The Apple support folks says that their operating system is so secure and well designed.  So, that’s the reason for the lack of infections.  I’ll buy that to a certain degree.  But, I’ll also add that viruses must be paid to be specifically formatted for a PC or Mac.  Since the PC market is still about 90% of the market, the virus creators are looking to get the more bang for their buck.  So, that would mean going for the PCs.

I think it’s only a matter of time for there to be more Mac viruses, iPad viruses, and iPhone viruses.  The longer the Mac operating system is out there, the more time the potential virus creator has to formulate an infection.  The point of bringing this up is to not be too sure of your security on a Mac.  You should still install an antivirus software for your Mac.

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