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Is My MacBook Fan Dead? – Is My MacBook Overheating? – 3 Steps to Test your MacBook Fan

No more overheating - macbook fanWe get a lot of paranoid computer users.  A lot!  They will stop in to see if they’ve been hacked.  Or feel since the laptop is slow, they must have acquired a computer virus.  We’ve had another bunch of worry-bees believing their Macbooks have overheated.  Why we would ask?  Well, it’s running hot.  It’s sort of supposed to be warmer when you’re using it.  Okay, so then we deal with perspectives and subjective chatter.  But, if you really want to see if your Macbook fan is dead or your Macbook is really overheating, you can take some specific steps.  Throw paranoia out the window and use some scientific steps as a approach instead.  Let’s get to it!

Here are the 3 steps to test if your MacBook fan is dead or failing:

1.  Test out the fan!Macbook fan repair

For pre-2013 MacBooks, use the Apple Hardware Test and after 2013, use Apple Diagnostics.  To access them, restart and hold down the D key.  Then, run the test to see if there are any fan error codes.

2.  Any little nasties in there?

If you’re comfortable with opening up your MacBook, go for it.  Then, check to see if there is anything gummed up in your fan.  Remove anything in there.  You can even turn on your MacBook with the bottom case open to see if your fan is spinning.  If not, there’s  fan issue right there.

3.  Find out how hot your Mac is running.

Don’t just guess.  You can actually see how hot or not your insides are running.  Download a free app, Macs Fan Control, to find out the exact temperature.  Your MacBook should be running at 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any hotter, well, then, your paranoia is correct!  You need to do something about your overheating Mac!

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