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MacBook Logic Board Repair Service in NYC – Is it possible? Is it worth it? Is it permanent?

Diagnosing a MacBook for logic board repairSo, you got a MacBook problem, huh?  Apple told you the logic board bit the dust.  It’s dead.  Finished.  Time to buy another MacBook, right?  Well, that’s what Apple may want you to think.  Your dead MacBook is 3+ years old.  It’s borderline ancient!  Yeah right it is.  Apple creates this illusion that if your MacBook isn’t new, well, then it’s not the coolest kid on the block.  It won’t be able to perform new tricks with the latest apps.

Alright, alright, I digress here.  The point here is your logic board may not be so dead as Apple or another MacBook repair shop may have wrongly diagnosed.  Yes, you can buy a new MacBook or even replace your failed logic board.  But, you may have another option.  A cheaper option that is.

That cheaper option is to repair your MacBook logic board.  Yes, that is a thing and a repair you should consider.

You may be putting you devil’s advocate hat on wondering, “Will this repair last like a permanent replacement logic board would?”

Let’s answer that, shall we?  Many boards fail due to one point of contact failing.  With the right skills set from a MacBook repair center, you may be able to save your MacBook just yet!  But, will the fix be permanent.  It should be!  There is a chance that if there is another point of contact on the board that deteriorating, that may cause issues later.  But, if the Mac repair tech knows what he or she is doing, the chip, circuit, component or board part should remain as a permanent fix.

So, what are the common MacBook common issues that may be right for a logic board repair:

No power

No green light on charger

Burnt LVDS connector

Liquid damage

No audio

No display or internal screen

Battery not charging

Pulled off connectors

Full disclaimer here: Not all repairs on logic boards are possible.

Sometimes, it is just too far gone.  There may be too many damaged contact points from a liquid spill or surge or another cause.  In cases where the fix doesn’t work and you’ve gone to a repair shop for this, they certainly shouldn’t charge you for this failed attempt.  It’s possible that it won’t work, but it is certainly worth trying.  Why not?

And this brings me to the next major point, the cost.  How much is a logic board repair fix?

The going rate for a MacBook logic board repair service fix is anywhere from $200 – $450.  Yes, that’s a big range and that depends on the nature of the fix and length of time estimated to take.  Small part replacements are typically cheap.  So you’re really looking at all labor here unless system part replacements are needed besides the board.

Take-away: Attempt a logic board repair first.

It will be half or more of the cost of replacing your MacBook logic board.  Plus, you have nothing to lose when ensuring there is a guarantee of the work.

Now, it’s time to remember to keep those liquids at least 3 feet away from your Mac!

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