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MacBook not powering up. What should I do? – a New York Computer Help MacBook repair service tip

No battery charge on macbookGot a MacBook that is not being too helpful.  Is it not giving you the light of day?  No power? No green lights? No nothing?

If your MacBook is not powering up, what should you do?

First, breathe in and breathe out.

We will get through this together.  Okay, meditation is over.

Got power?

Hopefully, we’re looking at a “Uh-duh!” moment here.  As such, connect your charger to your Macbook and make sure it is properly secured to an outlet.

All secure?

Secure your power strip to the outlet if you have one or any other funky configurations you have that may lead back to your power cable.

Power cycle time.

If you have removable battery, remove it.  Remove the charger.  Hold down the power button for ten seconds.  Wait a minute.  Press the power button again.

PRAM time!

If you’re still having trouble, PRAM it baby!  When in doubt, PRAM!  You can do this by pressing the power button and command-option-p-r at the same time.  Hold them down until your Mac reboots and hear a startup chime.

No chime, no love?

Seek out your local MacBook repair NYC company to help you out!

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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