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Macs cost twice as much as PCs. Are Macs worth it?

In 2008, Macs averaged $1,500 while PCs averaged half as much at $750.  Windows have provided many bundled discounts and sales while Apple has been stingy.  Is Apple’s doubled pricing worth it?

Well, “pound for pound,” or spec for spec, Apples and Windows have the same parts and accessories at a 2 to 1 ratio.  What does this mean?  For a 2.6GHZ processor, 250GB hard drive, wireless, bluetooth, and 19″ screen, you’ll pay, on average, $1,500 for a Mac and only $750 for a PC.  So, where is the increased cost going to?

For the Mac, the cost is increased because of Apple’s advertising and shiny, expensive exteriors.  Further, Apple sells only one product: the Mac.  So, it must make the most it can make on its sole product.  In contrast, Windows sells many different models making competition fierce, and hence, creates a price war. 

Yes, we feel Apple does warrant its elite status.  But, we don’t feel the increased pricing is warranted.  It is only due to the simple supply and demand theory.  If you’re looking for a Mac operating system, you have one choice: an Apple computer.  It’s not like you have 20 different manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, and others.

The next time you choose between a Mac and a PC, take it from the computer experts: price matters.

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