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MagCloud review – Create online brochure / magazine – Sell magazine online – Create your own children’s book

Have you ever thought of writing your own book, magazine, or brochure?  Yes, getting it published is difficult, near impossible.  But, MagCloud looks to make that easier.

With MagCloud, you create your own story.  For children’s stories, you can even insert some Harry Potter, Cat-in-the-Hat, or other characters to make it meaningful.  No need to go to some serious print shop.  HP can print it from your online service specifications.  From there, a publication may request to pick it up for print or online versions.

Here’s how MagCloud works:

  1. Go to the MagCloud website.
  2. Create your work of art.
  3. Select your online and paper pricing.
  4. MagCloud takes 30% for distribution cost.
  5. Measure your success.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and I’m actually looking to create a children’s book for my kids with the help of my kids of course.  I”m not looking to publish it, but just want to use the HP site to create the characters and have HP print it out for me.  Hopefully, it appeals to the kiddie crowd!

I’m kind of shocked that HP has taken this computer service approach and offered this.  They are a computer hardware and IT service company after all.  Well, I guess this rolls out a new online cloud service technology for them which puts them at the forefront of online digital publishing.   That’s a good thing.


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