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%image_alt%You can buy a fancy, shmancy digital camera, but chances are you forgot it at home when the perfect picture comes your way.  Whether an impromptu group meeting, beautiful sunset, or water fight, you are usually armed with just your iPhone-supported camera.  So, how can you take the best photo possible without any shame of leaving your premier camera at home?

Here’s how to take the best iPhone photos:

  1. In your iPhone Camera native app, go to Settings and make sure HDR and Grid are on.
  2. Manually focus on your own but using your finger to pinch and zoom.
  3. Press on object to focus until you see the AE/AF lock turn on.
  4. As per of the rule of thirds rule, focus your object a little off center to highlight your object better and fade out the background.
  5. Angle your shots to get a different, unique perspective.
  6. If your picture is not clear, you are not close enough.  Don’t just zoom.  Move physically closer.
  7. Don’t use the camera’s zoom function.  You’ll just get a fuzzy pic.  Just crop it later if you want it closer.
  8. Good after-shot editing apps for vibrant color embellishments and backgrounds  are Snapseed and Camera+.

How about that?  Just 8 tips and you don’t have to be a computer expert, iPhone tech, or professional photographer.  Enjoy!

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