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McAfee rebooting error – How to fix this computer repair issue?

%image_alt%On Wednesday morning, hundreds of thousands of computers were rebooting on their own.  One of McAfee’s software updates triggered the anti-virus software to identify a harmless file as malicious when, in fact, it wasn’t.   This McAfee mishap lasted all day yesterday, causing grief to many hospitals, schools, and companies. 

If you have a rebooting issue, and McAfee is on your computer, here’s the McAfee restart fix:

  1. Go to Start -> Run and type cmd.  Type:  shutdown -a
    McAfee rebooting issue

  2. Go to Start -> Programs -> McAfee & Disable both the Access Protection and On-Access Scanner
  3. Go to Quarantine Manager within McAfee still, and restore files by right-clicking and click restore
  4. Right-click My Computer, click Manage, and click service on left window.  Make sure both Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services are running
  5. Start or restart the Mcafee Framework service
  6. In the McAfee program, select Tools -> Rollback DATs and Reboot

If you’re still having computer issues, it is possible that your registry or network services might have to be tweaked, and that is the time you should bring it to a computer repair shop or virus removal expert.

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