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Michael Jackson suicide trojan hoax is now a reality

In 2005, a trojan was e-mailed around with the subject: “Suicide attempt.”  The body of the e-mail started “Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicide attempt.”  How ironic is this eerie warning since the King of Pop has now mysteriously died at the young age of 50?

This trojan was sent out during Michael’s molestation case in the hopes e-mail users would open up the e-mail to read more info, and voila…instant virus infection!  Unfortunately, this suicide might have been the cause of Michael’s heart attack, and, in turn, sad turn of events.

We learned of this saddening news hours before the US news broadcasted it.  How?  Our multi-cultural staff often checks out international news sites, and we learned from Ynet, an Israeli site, hours before the US news sites caught onto the story.  Ynet said that Michael Jackson died from a heart attack.  As Ynet discussed the end result, the US sites only reported that Jackson was rushed to the hospital. 

It seems like an international website does not hold the same responsibility of news as would a domestic site.   Why should non-US sites not be held to same standard of diplomacy, allowing family and close friends attain the info first?  Or allowing family to have a buffer of time before the public pounces on them.  We were shocked and almost thought this early news was a joke, or deja vu of the suicide trojan hoax.  Unfortunately, the news is true and whether received before the US public or after, the greatest Pop Star of all time, Michael Jackson, will always have a special place in our hearts for his craft, talent, voice, dance, and pop icon that he was.

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