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Microsoft bought LinkedIn. Why did they partner up? What does it mean for me?

microsoft-buys-linkedinAlright, Microsoft has been getting old and gray.  Apple and Google have been the new kids on the block for a bit.  All this talk about new campuses and hang-outs have been the craze.  Microsoft has been trying to keep up giving away free operating system upgrades like Apple.  It also decided to store its Microsoft Office in the cloud like Google does with its apps.  But, that was not enough.  Now, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate again with a big acquisition, LinkedIn.

Now, LinkedIn has always been too cool to just socialize on a personal level.  It requires credentials first if you want to play, namely your resume or CV, for those who are part-Brit.  You can’t just post your mug while partying with your friends.  You know your profile may be checked by companies who may have you on their short lists.  So, you have to dress to impress on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has become the go-to recruiting site and it demands heavy dollars to post jobs.  You can say is a thing of the past due to LinkedIn.

Microsoft has already merged LinkedIn profiles to Outlook contacts years ago.  This partnership according to Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, is a no-brainer.  Both he andmicrosoft-linkedin-ceo-analysis Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, have the same vision of empowering businesses.  Primarily, Nadella wanted to purchase LinkedIn because it takes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product and adds a real-time human element to it.  Within the CRM, you’ll be able to easily recruit talent and manage workforces better.  As per Weiner’s rationale, well, he says their visions were aligned and he prefers to take LinkedIn to the next level rather than compete against other tech titans, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.  He is simply happy that two big tech giants partnered up to produce at a global scale instead of fighting against each other to hurt the economy.  Hmmm, to me, that just sounds like he’s throwing in the towel to make a few bucks.  Can you blame him?

A big reason Weiner accepted the deal is because LinkedIn will still remain independent, much like WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram remained after being purchased.

It is nice stepping stone for LinkedIn.  As for Microsoft, they have a lot of work to do.  I can see them putting out the #1 CRM model if they price it right and have an easy interface to follow.  Imagine have a software that will run your business and well as easily prospect your target customer?  This could be huge for companies.  But, Microsoft needs to package it right.

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