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Microsoft suggest public health response to computer viruses

Let’s face it.  People cause viruses.  Whether with a cold or a computer virus, people are irresponsibly infecting others, either by working with a cold or flu to infect others.  Or in the computer repair world, people go on websites for free downloads that produce viruses.  Then, instead of taking the proper virus removal steps, they’ll continue working on the computer and emailing others, in turn, infecting others.

I have heard it a million times from new customers: “I saw pop-up boxes, but my computer was still able to get on the Internet so I assumed it was okay.  Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t use the computer at all.”  If you see a pop-up, that is a warning, just like if you have a runny nose, a cold is coming on and need to take precaution, or perform computer maintenance

Just as I feel computer users are oftentimes reckless with not taking care of their viruses, Microsoft feels the same way.  Microsoft has taken a step further in suggesting we treat computers the way we treat public health virus outbreaks, or suspicious travelers at airport security checkpoints.

Specifically, Microsoft has adopted a form of network access protection (NAP), to prevent non-secure computers from accessing the Internet or network.  If you have a weak password or virus, your computer is directed to a site that explains how to secure your computer before going online.  This process guards against computers not locked down by an IT administrator, preventing further infection over the internet.

At this time, Microsoft’s proposal is just in the suggestion phase as no move by the government or other agency has considered to make this an Act of any kind.  I believe some type of ruling should be made to directly cut down on further spreading Internet viruses by going after the virus creators.  Obviously, this is very difficult since virus creators are always in stealth mode by hiding from the world.

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