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Microsoft Screen Replacement

Issue:Cracked front glass and / or broken LCD
Causes:Drop, fall, impact, defective screen / digitizer
Solution:Replace Microsoft Surface LCD screen
Parts:Only original and brand new
Repair time:same – next day
Warranty:30 days & Guaranteed Repair

Microsoft Screen Repair – Walk-in Service Help

We ain’t afraid of a little glass. Yes, we wear goggles and gloves, but in the end, it’s not uncommon to take a few shards of glass for the team. Cut up and wounded, yes, but not defeated, as we aim to conquer the worst of the shattered glass screens to ensure your replacement screen looks flawless. Next time you see us with a few more band-aids on, don’t feel sorry for us. Just know, we will go all lengths and measures to attain your happiness. And, in the end, it makes us tougher New Yorkers!

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