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Microsoft Surface Tablet review – Is Surface better than iPad? – Surface vs. iPad

%image_alt%The Microsoft Surface appears to have it all.  A tablet that turns instantly into a laptop with a portable keyboard that doubles as a cover.

Let’s review the good and bad of the Microsoft Surface to get to the nitty gritty of whether it’s a good tablet to own.

The good:  It’s a real Windows 8 operating system, otherwise know as Windows RT.  The bad:  It’s a completely re-designed operating system that comes along with a steep learning curve.  Also, you can’t use old programs, only new apps.

The good:  You can watch movies on the left and email on a completely different pane on the right.  It’s like having dual monitors.  The bad:  It’s not within the classic interface.

The good:  There’s a convenient kickstand that props is up.  The bad:  You cannot adjust the angle of it.

The good:  The performance is the best on any tablet, including the iPad.  The bad:  None on the category that I can think of.

The good:  This tablet has a USB port.  Connect an external hard drive, set up a printer, go crazy!  The bad:  None here either.

The good:  Go with the “touch” keyboard cover which is sensitized perfect to your fingers.  It has a touch also for mouse gestures.  The bad:  Don’t get the other “type” cover which is a tad cumbersome.

Overall, it’s a high performing tablet, but an above average laptop that has its quirks.  The tech experts and bleeding edge tech support folks will love this while the average computer user will not be so fond of the Surface.  Head to head, it edges the iPad for more of a well-rounded true laptop experience, but its new, very different operating system is a bit of a turn off.

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