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Microsoft uses Facebook ‘likes’ to dictate search engine placement – nyc computer support review

Microsoft has its own search engine, if you’re not aware.  It’s called Bing.  Yes, it’s no Google and Microsoft is well aware of this.  To distinguish itself, or rather to make itself more known, Microsoft is now integrating one of Facebook’s little tricks.

Going forward, if a website it ‘liked,’ it will jump up in the Bing search results. For instance, if you enter: “computer repair nyc” for your Bing search, New York Computer Help will come up in the search.  If our top NYC computer service site got a ‘like’ from a friend on Facebook, then our site will be higher than one of our competitors.  It then becomes a war of who has the most ‘likes.’  I like this philosophy of letting the people decide.  But, I’d like to know how much of a factor this plays into the search rankings among the other Bing algorithms.

The drawback here is that you can only ‘like’ a website when you’re logging into Facebook and Bing at the same time. I can see that as a possibility, but not so much with Bing as Bing only has a 14.1% share in the online search engine market.  Google leads the way with 65%.  In any case, if you’re a Bing user or like the idea of having more people-driven sites, this is a good time for you.

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