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Microsoft Xbox 360 – Kinect review – ny Microsoft support

If you ever wanted to star in your own Matrix movie, you’re time is now with the Kinect. Microsoft has finally stepped up to the plate with an Apple-worthy gadget.  And you don’t need Apple support or Windows support for it.  With the Kinect, you can play Xbox 360 games with no controllers.  All you need is yourself.

The Kinect is a 3-camera device that takes real-time videos and pictures of you, and zaps you into the Xbox 360 game. It’s is the first kind of full body gaming of any kind.  The wii got as close as possible to virtual gaming with its little joystick.  But, now the Kinect is the first game-changer that does not require any joystick or controller.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You wave your hand to activate the sensor, and off you go!  The Kinect will recognize your body and have your Avatar shown in the game.
  2. Then, you wave, jump, and signal your body and hands to drive cars, throw basketballs, and play action games.
  3. It is voice activated so you can pull up games and movies with voice commands.

The cool factor here is you don’t need a remote, controller, or special suit to wear. The Kinect will analyze your body, hair, movements, and then save your Avatar, or character, to put on the screen and for future use.

Other functions that may be used are:  Skype-like calls with Video Kinect, watching videos, and video conferencing. The tech support should be minimal since you’re just using yourself as the remote!  In regard to the Xbox itself, the computer holds 250GB of space which is more than enough for loading games, movies, and your profile.  Definitely a cool product to go with if your bored with your current gaming system.  It is slated to be in the stores by December.

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