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Mixbit review – Video sharing site – Mixbit vs. Instagram

Mixbit-reviewThe YouTube founders have done it again.  They have created a product called Mixbit that is supposed to turn the video content industry on its head.  The big difference between Mixbit and Instagram is that Mixbit focuses in on the content creation and discovery.  In doing so, you get less personality, text, and narratives.

Mixbit provides the best mobile experience.  Just tap and record.  You don’t need to be an iPhone expert or tech guru to handle this one.  Clips can be trimmed and edited.  Clips are assigned a specific color that is shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Mixbit’s site.  Here’s the big difference with Mixbit:  you can load a video up to one hour on the Mixbit website.  Vine and Instagram are more of the clips-nature whereas Mixbit can be an actual movie or more of a full-length variety.

A cool feature is being able to remix, or take a bunch of videos and use them during the editing process.  See a video that resembles yours, but includes dogs instead of people.  No problem!  Include that into your clip for a touch of brevity.

This new video site will take a little bit of time to catch onto the social-sharing side of things, but in the meantime, the limitless video length is sure to drum up lots of visitors.  For now, Instagram rules the quick clip hits, but Mixbit will take over movie-sharing and the longer length video-genre arena soon.

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