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MoviePass review – unlimited movies – Movie discount – Movie coupon – Movie deal

%image_alt%So, you say you’re a movie fanatic.  But, not just the at-home movie buff.  I’m talking about the total in-cinema experience fan.  If you can’t wait for every good movie release, or have a hard time discerning which movie is good to see, you won’t have to worry about being picky with the unlimited monthly MoviePass.

MoviePass was created for those folks who love watching movies.  Here’s how MoviePass works:

  1. Pay $30/month.
  2. Reserve tickets from your smartphone and load them on a pre-paid card.
  3. Swipe your card at the theatre’s kiosk to receive your ticket.

This is a great alternative to pay for at-home movie services, such as Hulu, Netflix, and iTunes.  These online streaming services are getting more expensive. Plus, it gets you out of the house and we all know nothing beats the big screen and surround sound of a movie theater.  The tech service process if straight-forward.  Just go to MoviePass and sign up.  It’s Mac support and PC support friendly.  It is starting at an-invitation only process to test out its popularity.

How do the theaters profit from this?  They hope that you stuff your faces at the concession stands.  The more popcorn and soda you throw down, the better they do.  If you don’t munch on anything, or sneak your own snacks, then you end up watching movies for pennies.

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