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My PC doesn’t recognize the 2nd drive – My desktop doesn’t recognize 2nd hard drive – How to get PC to see second hard drive

pc-wonSo, you’re getting a little fancy with your PC desktop and want to add a 2nd hard drive.  Either you did already or you want to.  The point here is you can’t see it as your computer won’t recognize it for some reason.  What do you do?

Before getting to the solution, let’s discuss why you may want a second hard drive.  The obvious reason is more space.  A second hard drive is an easy way to store more photos, documents, and music.  Or you may want your computer to take a mirror image of your first hard drive.  Then, the second hard drive comes in handy.

Here’s how to get your PC to recognize the 2nd hard drive:

  1. Unplug any external USB or firewire devices.  The computer may think these devices are supposed to be booted up to and may ruin the start-up process.
  2. Open up your desktop and check the cables.  Make sure the SATA and power connectors are secure on both hard drives.
  3. Boot into your BIOS and make sure you can see both drives.  You’ll have to check your computer manufacturer info on how to boot into the BIOS since all PC’s are different.  Make sure the boot priority is correct with which hard drives you want to be the primary and secondary.  The original hard drive your PC came with should be marked as first.

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