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Nationwide Mail-in Repair – Easy and COVID-safe

mail in laptop repair

Once again, we’re trying to do our best to accommodate you, our customers. Tons of Manhattan customers have ran for the hills. Ditched Dodge. Decided NYC is not the place for them. I get it. Hey, we’ve all had these thoughts. If you haven’t questioned such thoughts, you’d been lying to yourself. Descartes, the philosopher, who encouraged self-doubt to fine oneself was all for this. Yes, I am sidetracking, but the point here is if you’ve doubted your living situation in the city and ran with it or if you’re just not in New York City, keep reading. This article is for you.

We’re happily offering nationwide computer repair mail-in service. This also include external hard drives and mobile devices. What does that mean? It means if you’ve got a laptop issue, your external hard drive isn’t working well, or a phone or tablet cracked glass, you can ship it to us for repair. Willing to send along your desktop or iMac? Go for it! We specialize in both Windows / PCs and all Apple products. So, feel free to send either one, we don’t discriminate.

We originally started this service originally for our customers who have left New York for other states. Then, COVID-19 hit and we had a huge demand for this. So, we have streamlined the process to make our mail-in repair service easy, safe, and convenient.

The steps are simple:

  1. You fill out the below form.
  2. Get the form emailed to you.
  3. Print out the form and include it with your device.
  4. Ship it out to us.
  5. We check it in.
  6. You receive a ticket receipt.
  7. You’ll also more importantly receive a free diagnostic.
  8. Get it fixed along with a free shipped return.
  9. Don’t get it fixed. Still a free diagnostic, but you’ll pay for the return shipping or get it recycled for free.

Where can you start? Just fill out the form below and you’re on the way:

[wufoo username=”newyorkcomputerhelp” formhash=”s1jqp8x61cj2w8k” autoresize=”true” height=”1617″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

53 East 34th Street (Park & Madison), Floor 3 New York, NY 10016

806 Lexington Ave (62nd Street), Floor 3, New York, NY 10065

110 Greene Street Suite 1111, (Floor 11), New York, NY 10012

Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.