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Need an IT support admin person? Finally Getting back to the office?

See how you can hire your IT computer tech full time or part time in NYC right away.

It’s been a long drawn out pandemic. Not just mentally, but your office has gone through different stages: at home, hybrid models, and now you’re ready to make the jump back to the office. Well, first of all, congrats for your persistence thus far. Adaptation is the key to thriving in business.

So, you’re probably a little nervous of how to set up your IT; your desks; the computer protocols; sharing files; email; and you know, the key IT ops of your office. You really probably don’t want to hire a whole slew of IT folks, depleting your overall budget.

The big question here is: How can you hire an NYC IT onsite technician without breaking the bank?

After all, times are not back to 100% regarding the economy with its insane inflationary numbers. Further, although the job market overall is looking promising, there are whispers that the workforce is lazy, pretentious, and overall demanding. We really can’t blame them after festering for a few years during an unpredictable lockdown. Not only do you want to be cost effective, but you don’t want unqualified IT labor causing more grief and wasted time.

At New York Computer Help, we’ve been providing company IT support since 2000 to provide reasonably priced IT admins for offices. Our customer support team has noticed an alarming demand post-COVID from office managers to recruit company desktop support technicians. We’ve noticed the same trend during the 2007-2009 recession. Folks were coming back to offices after closures and needed IT reps to run the day-to-day ops. We feel grateful during such times to be able to provide the best IT office while being budget-conscious.

Here’s why New York Computer Help probably is the right IT tech solution to run your daily operations:

  • Qualified – Our onsite techs each have at least 20+ years of experience doing what you need.
  • Flexible plans – Need 40 hours support? 10am – 12noon coverage? Once a week? Only onsite? Remote also? We have customized plans.
  • Affordable – No need to hire an employee and paid expensive health insurance and packages. Outsource to us while we take care of the extra costs.
  • Experienced company – We are operating in our 3rd decade and have outsourced to thousands of NYC companies for IT admins.
  • Best IT recruitment – No need to pay expensive job boards or recruiters. We have a team of 100 vetted techs we deploy non-stop.

Schedule a complimentary chat now to further discuss your company IT needs and pain points so we can customize a plan for you:

Protect your computer from potential threats! Hardware insurance plans starting from $15/month

Need protection from cyber threats? Signup to our Cyber Insurance plans starting from $25/month

Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.