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Need Logic board repair in NYC for your MacBook?

Logic board repair in NYCFor some reason, it seems like MacBooks either last forever or die a quick death.  On the quick death route, this usually means the logic board has gone belly up and no longer powers up.  Please note a logic board is the term used for the motherboard of the Mac.  For PC’s you would call it a motherboard.  Just want to clarify the terminology.

Okay, now onto the options you have if your logic board decides to have issues:

Option 1.  Apple will tell you that your logic board needs to be replaced.  So, fork over about $1,000+ and they’ll take care of it for you.

Option 2.  Apple may say your MacBook is far gone and pay for a new Mac.  That will be $2,000+.

Option 3.  You can actually fix your logic board!  Yes, that is possible.  How you may ask?

Well, since 2000, we’ve been working on MacBooks and all things Mac really, including: MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac minis.  Yes, we have replaced thousands of logic boards over the years, but throughout our years of logic board replacements, we kept on challenging our MacBook experts to find a better, more affordable way for our customers.  Through many years of perfecting our craft, we have been able to offer our MacBook logic board repair service in NYC.

Now, this is not a new phenomenon, repairing logic boards.  But, we believe our process is the best available.

Why is our logic board repair service the best you can find in NYC?

First of all, it’s fully guaranteed.

If it doesn’t work, there’s no charge whatsoever.  This is important to mention this first because your success is our success.  It doesn’t make sense for you to pay for something that doesn’t work, right?  Also, our work is warrantied so if something is not working right, bring it to us and we’ll repair it or give you back your money.  We want you to sleep well at night.  And we know trust is tough to come by especially in New York City.  With our guarantee, we believe we can earn your instant trust in our support.

The process is solid.  Our techs are brilliant.

Any hack can try to repair a Mac logic board.  And any hack can also damage many components without the requisite skill and experience.  We have been performing MacBook logic board repair service in NYC for years and the biggest take-away is that we take the time to localize the failed component on the logic board.  As such, we can repair it to get your logic board working again.  More importantly, we don’t mess with an overall area of the board or other components to avoid failure of working components and parts.  The point here is no further damage or ancillary damage is caused from our precision-based logic board repairs.

What if the logic board repair doesn’t work?  What’s next?

Great question.  We’d be a fool to say we have a 100% success rate.  We don’t.  Nobody does.  Why?  There are times where the logic board is just too far gone.  Too much liquid.  Too severe of a short.  You need to understand that your logic board may be too far gone to save.  In that case, you do not owe a dime.  The next step is to then inform you of the cost of a new logic board replacement.  We’ll let you know the cost and you, always with our service, have the option to decide to say yea or nay.  If you wish not to proceed further, there is also the option to copy or recover your files.  We also specialize in data retrieval and recovery.  So, it’s good to note that typically at a worst case scenario, your files should still be safe.

And by the way, some might call it grandstanding.  But, we don’t.  We genuinely feel we are the best MacBook logic board repair service in NYC.  We have the experience, the Apple certifications, the tools, the brilliant techs, but most of all, we are the most caring, dedicated, trusting folks you’ll find that genuinely want to put a smile on your face.

I’m sure you have more questions.  What’s the price?  How long does it take?  You can click the below link to get all your answers and make an action plan to get your Mac to us.  We’re looking forward to helping you out!

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