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Need MacBook / iMac Repair in NYC – Best Out of Warranty Repair Apple Service to go to that is not Apple, Tekserve, or Geek Squad

Best out of warranty Apple repair serviceSo, you have a Macbook or iMac that is in desperate need of help.  Maybe you spilled your favorite drink all over the Macbook keyboard.  Or perhaps your Macbook decided to get lazy and not power on.  There are a host of reasons why you’re in this Apple pickle.  But, you have options.

First, are you under warranty with AppleCare?  Maybe you don’t care.  We actually have a huge Apple fan base who come to our Apple repair shop in NYC because they’re sick of the long lines at Apple, the slow turn-around Apple service times, and the red-tape of deeming everything under the sun out of warranty.

What’s out of warranty for AppleCare?

Now, let’s drill down that out-of-warranty point a little further.

Macbook spills

Apple or any authorized Apple service provider (AASP) for that matter is happy to rule your Mac out of warranty if there are any spills found.  There are liquid sensors inside your device that will turn from white to red proving this.  Or if the Apple “genius” finds liquid to his or her naked eye, then you’ll get the boot as well.

Mac accidental damage

Also, if any impacts or customer duress is taken out on your precious Mac, then you can go find the revolving Apple glass door as well.

Apple software / file transfers

If you recover or replace any data or software stored on your device, then boom, you’re out of warranty!  Really?  Yes, I just read the full “what is not covered under the AppleCare Protection Plan” list, and this actually is buried in the fine print.  What does this mean?  It means that if uninstalled that buggy Microsoft Office and reinstalled it with another software, you’re getting cut out of support.  If your drive is failing, and you have decided to take responsibility and save your decades of photo memories or priceless work reports and other documents, Apple also gives you the axe on this.  “Replacement of data or software stored on the covered equipment” may be loosely translated to pretty much subjectively decide who is covered and who is not covered.  This is terrible and can be analogous to deciphering the Constitution!

In short, your AppleCare may have been voided already in your normal day-to-day operations of your Apple device.  So, now, that we’ve slammed the AppleCare terminology and non-protective policy, we can move on.  What are your choices?

You’re out of AppleCare warranty.  Or you don’t want to deal with an Apple authorized service provider (AASP).  What now?

It’s an easy choice.  New York Computer Help has been performing out-of-warranty Apple repair service in NYC since 2000.  We don’t hate Apple, but believe 110% that we provide much better service than Apple.  Here’s why you should choose us as your out-of-warranty Apple repair service in NYC:

Faster service

We start diagnosing your Mac when you walk into the door.  No have a seat or come back in a few hours when we call your number.  We’ll provide a free diagnostic, a few Apple tips along the way, and fix your Mac quickly or expedite part ordering for your device.

Hard to find Parts

We have a big supply of Apple parts that we have inventoried and can typically swap Apple failed parts quickly.  In cases where we need to order parts, we have developed an extensive vendor partnership to receive quality Apple parts quickly.  These include hard to find parts that Apple rules out as “vintage.”

We support Vintage Macs

We don’t discriminate here.  Apple authorized service providers are not allowed to fix Apple devices that are 4+ years old.  That’s terrible!  They just want you to buy new ones.  We want to save your Apple computers and fix them.  Why not?!  After all, you paid a lot for them in the first place.  They should keep working for awhile.

Better Apple Service

We are a service-first company.  We will do everything to satisfy you as the customer.  We have had technicians flocking to us over the years from Apple and Tekserve because they are sick and tired of the red tape for customer relations and want to make a difference and actually go the extra mile at New York Computer Help for each and every customer.

Cheaper prices

Every time without fail, we beat Apple’s pricing.  Typically, when Apple does a once-over diagnostic or if they are too lazy to fix a device, they’ll quote $1,000.  Logic board issue?  $1,000!  Macbook liquid damage?  $1,000!  Don’t know the Mac issue?  $1,000!  We hear it all the time when frustrated Genius Bar customers walk into our door.  And all the time, our free Apple diagnostic costs are a fraction of the cost.

You have options

With us, you have options.  You can repair your Macbook or other Apple device, maybe you want to buy a cheap refurbished Macbook, or you can decide to not do anything.  There’s not cost for this diagnostic information we give you.  At Apple, if you’re under warranty, and your have voided your warranty, you’re only option typically is to pay the full repair cost or the cost to receive another unit.  You’re in the Apple authorized provider’s hands. If they don’t feel like fixing it, they could make you pay a big amount to receive a replacement deeming your unit “unfixable.”

So, to sum it all up here, you shouldn’t feel chained down to your AppleCare warranty.  You should be the captain of your own ship and you are with New iMac repair service out of warrantyYork Computer Help’s out-of-warranty NYC Apple repair service.

If you need further convincing, I’ll leave you with a few emails received  with customers declaring our Apple service is superior to the Apple store’s AppleCare:

– “I just placed an order at the Apple Store to upgrade my laptop. I decided not to buy Apple Care because I’ve had a great experience with your store and I think it makes financially more sense to just bring it to NY Computer Help for repairs than to pay for Apple Care.” – Katherine K.

-“I just left the Apple Store and they said it would cost $1,000 to fix my Macbook.  I didn’t even spill anything on it.  I will be bringing this in to you right away for a diagnostic.” – Justin P.

-“I have AppleCare, but Apple said I need to pay still because I reinstalled my operating system and my MacBook is still not working.  I’ll be coming into your shop tomorrow for help.” – Marcy L.



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