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Need to fix your Microsoft Surface screen? Yes, we fix cracked Microsoft Surface screens in NYC.

Microsoft Surface Screen Repair NYCIf you have a cracked Microsoft Surface screen, it may seem like there are no options for you.

Microsoft doesn’t fix them.  Instead, Microsoft will force you to pay for a new Surface.  But, what if you have a warranty through Microsoft you ask?  That won’t help!  A cracked screen voids the warranty.  So, you’ll still need to buy a new Microsoft Surface and lose all your data.  Not fun.  Not fun at all!

So, as always, we at New York Computer Help look for ways to improve the computer repair industry.

And the Microsoft Surface repair service industry has been sorely lacking.  We don’t like when customers don’t have a way to fix their own devices.

We took action and took it on ourselves to start repairing Microsoft Surface devices.

Well, truth be told, it fell into our laps when one of our corporate clients had 20 Microsoft Surface tablets that needed repairs.  They told us Microsoft wouldn’t help them so we put on our Superman rescue capes to help out.  We fixed all 20 of them!  Yes, we were a Microsoft Surface cracked screen replacement machine!  Best of all, we did it within a few days and all the Microsoft Surface screen replacements were much less than paying for a new Microsoft Surface.

Thinking of going to Microsoft?

Think again!  They will hold onto your Surface for 2 weeks and if your Surface is under warranty, you’ll be charged close to $500 for a refurbished model which will arrive in a week.  3 weeks and all your files lost.  Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.  If your Surface is out of warranty, well, you’ll get no help at all from Microsoft.

Below is a screenshot taken from one of our customers who has an active warranty and looking to get their Microsoft Surface repaired by Microsoft.

As you can see, the warranty didn’t help.  Instead, Microsoft requests to send in the Surface and for $450 a “similar device” will be mailed back in return.  No data saved and a “similar device” for a $450 charge.  Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me!


The bottom line here is that Microsoft does not fix Microsoft Surface tablets with cracked screens or any other issue for that matter.

If you have a Microsoft Surface that has a cracked screen or other issue, there is hope.

You don’t need to ship it away to Microsoft who will hold it for 2 weeks and then ship you a “similar device” for an exorbitant fee.  And worst of all, you’ll lose your files.

There’s a better choice here it’s called New York Computer Help.  The best Microsoft Surface screen replacement repair in NYC option for you.  We are located in New York City, but we also are accepting mail-ins.

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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